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Nightscape lighting
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A Complete Inventory of Landscaping Services
Seminole Landscaping offers you — the home owner, the builder, the business or commercial property owner— a complete inventory of essential landscaping services, including landscaping design, irrigation system design, installation, system repair, and a complete menu of landscaping choices including St. Augustine sod, plants, shrubbery, trees, pine bark, mulch, rocks, boulders, and landscape lighting using Unique® brand lighting systems ( for a truly rich effect, including the Nightscape lighting feature that illuminates the beauty of your landscaping after dark while keeping voltage at a minimum. We also have flexible, comprehensive monthly and quarterly maintenance programs, and will repair any damages, including any interruption caused by lightning strikes.

Sanford landscapingCustom Landscaping Design
Seminole Landscaping, since 1971, has made good on its promise to plan and install custom Central Florida landscaping projects designed to enhance a home’s grounds or a commercial property’s total landscape concept. Working side-by-side, we will discuss with you a variety of landscaping products and effects to meet your needs, including total design, irrigation systems, sod, trees, plants, rocks and boulders, paver-scapes, and special lighting effects. Available trees include deciduous, evergreen, and palms, along with woody ornamental plants and shrubs.

  • Irrigation Systems Design
    A Seminole Landscaping technician, specifically trained in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, will design the configuration of your irrigation system at your site based on established project design specifications.

  • Irrigation Systems Installation
    Quality irrigation system products, provided by Hunter Industries and Rainbird, are installed by technicians with decades of experience. The combination of proven, superior irrigation products, coupled with the expertise of Seminole Landscaping technicians, ensures a complete, lasting irrigation system installation.

  • Irrigation System Repair
    In the event of any needed repair, Seminole's radio-dispatched trucks will come to your site and make repairs on location. Each truck is supplied with the necessary parts and equipment, so there is no unnecessary travel back and forth to complete the repair. Billing is then completed on the basis of time and materials, the common industry practice.

  • The Beauty and Value of Paver-scapes
    We can enhance the beauty and value of your home or commercial property by adding “paver-scapes,” colorful, interlocking brick shapes that add beauty, value, and a designer’s touch to your walkways, entrances, decks, patios, courtyards, retaining walls, swimming pool decks, and driveways. On commercial properties, pavers can add quality and value to parking lots, parks, streets, shopping centers, plazas, and sidewalks. Pavers are inexpensive and easy to maintain. And with 500 colors and 26 shapes to choose from, you won't soon run out of choices.

  • Re-Sod
    At Seminole Landscaping, we have carried out numerous projects where the customer simply wanted to upgrade existing sod. In such projects, we remove old sod, re-grade the area, and install new sod. With more than 10,000 sod projects completed since 1971, Seminole Landscaping has the experience and knowledge to carry out your re-sod project competently—on time and within budget.

  • Backflow Prevention
    A backflow device protects a water system from becoming contaminated in case of a failure within the system. At Seminole Landscaping, backflow technicians, certified by the State of Florida, can test and repair your backflow device to ensure compliance with local testing and certification regulations.